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China and the World

Qiao International Business facilitates Corporates, Universities and Institutions from China and other countries in the world in getting in touch with each other for trade, cooperation and public relations.


We assist corporates, institutions and universtities for their international business and public relations actitivities. We work with the most influent and prestigious personalities such as former prime ministers, former presidents, nobel price winners for peace or economy, experts in corporate strategy or in technology. 

Business Consultancy

We help companies, institutions or universities in finding business partners, suppliers or consultants for small or big projects in China, in Europe and other countries and assist the parties in their cooperation and in the development of their projects. 


Honorary Directorship

We select and appoint prestigious and respected personalities for honorary and representative roles such as honorary directorships.


Keynote Speakers

We select the most inspiring international keynote speakers for live meetings, congresses, forums or virtual events. 

Virtual Events

We arrange virtual events for public relations, conferences, consultancy or workshops in streaming or with video-recorded) or live, depending on the client’s requests and the COVID regulations of the various countries.

Public Relations

We engage prestigious personalities to attend your corporate meetings, gala’s dinners or to pay a visit to your company. We also arrange virtual events and all kind of public relations activities.

We offer a broad range of services and are flexible and experienced in finding the best solution to meet your requirements.

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China Economic Growth

Thanks to a major program of economic reforms that encouraged the formation of rural enterprises and private businesses, liberalized foreign

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Qiao International Consulting facilitates Corporates, Universities and Institutions from China and other countries in the world in getting in touch with each other for trade, cooperation and for Public relations.
QIAO International Consulting assists corporates in promoting their companies in the process of selecting and booking the most suitable experts for their business and trainings.

Our experts are the most prominent political leaders, scholars, expert in business, technology, business strategy, economy, finance innovation. We help you to find the most suitable experts and will be at your side for the whole process.

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Marina Leo
Co-Founder and CEO of Qiao

Marina Leo has been associated for 13 years in a leading international consultancy bureau in the public speaking industry. She was Country manager covering the markets of China, Italy, The Netherlands. She has worked with world famous leaders form politics, economy, technology, journalism, corporate strategy, finance and business.

Lucian Lu

Lucian has rich experience in: setting up a good image of an enterprise to enhance public trust and support by planning international public relations activities; carrying out international non-governmental exchanges and cooperation, creating an international green channel for enterprises to achieve global development, create an international high-end independent brand image with core competitiveness, and deeply integrate into the global industrial chain.